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A BLM Land Surveyor that will facilitate the execution of cadastral survey services for the BIA Regional Director. These include assisting in requesting official cadastral surveys, boundary survey review, land ownership clarification, legal description review, and other legal and technical survey matters within the BIA Region. The individual will communicate with BIA, Tribes, and the general public through the protocol established by the BIA Regional Office. Generally, will be BLM’s initial contact person for the BIA and Tribal Offices concerning boundary surveys, boundary standards, land status, and other legal, technical and resource matters related to trust and restricted fee interest lands within his/her assigned BIA Region.



Left to right.  Don Buhler (Chief Cadastral Surveyor), Sandy Lewis, Boyd Peterson, Dona Rogers, Gary Eldevik, Mike Schoder, Paul Hickey, Tim Quincy, Pat Twohy, Richard Widmar, Tom Caster, Tom Tauchus, Harold Simmons, Dan Ontiveros, Douglas Haywood (Indian Program Manager)

What will Indian Lands Surveyors do?

The Surveyors’ primary responsibilities will include consultation and guidance for BIA employees, Tribal Governments, and individual Indians concerning boundaries, surveys, land ownership, resource management, and other legal and technical survey matters related to Indian trust, restricted and fee lands.

BLM Indian Lands Surveyors will also provide assistance in the following areas:

• Boundary survey issues
• Fee to trust process
• Probate process
• Land description reviews
• Inventory of survey needs
• Resource management
• Cadastral Geographic Information Systems
• Public Land Survey System (PLSS) within Indian Country

BILS Contact Information - Email, Addresses, and Phone numbers of BLM Indian Land Surveyors.

For more information regarding the BLM Indian Lands Surveyors and the Certified Federal Surveyors Program, contact BLM Cadastral Indian Program Manager, at (202)785-6561. Tom TauchusDoug HaywoodJim ClaflinGary EldevikMichael SchoderDan OntiverosSandra LewisF. Dwan UtleyDon BuhlerTom CasterPaul Hickey