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Black background with Department of the Interior logo on the top left, and the Bureau of Land Management Logo on the top right. In the middle of the screen are the words,  Release of the 2009 Edition, Manual of Surveying Instructions, U.S. Department of the Interior, Washington D.C. September 24, 2009.  Opening fades to speakers.
Tim Spisak - BLM Deputy Assistant Director Minerals and Realty Management
I want to extend special welcome to the leaders of the American Congress of Surveying and Mapping and the National Society of Professional Surveyors. We welcome the leadership of the land surveying community from all parts of America who are sharing with us this celebration of this important event. 
The key goal of the BLM’s division of lands, realty, and cadastral survey is to enhance the quality of land surveys in accordance with the public land survey system. Paying homage to the surveying system and cadastral activities isn’t something people have tended to do. Some of the BLM’s other programs like energy, recreation, wilderness, and wild horses tend to get to get the most attention. But none is more deserving today than the BLM’s Cadastral Survey Program. Thanks to the diligence and determination of a few, the next edition of the Manual culminates years of work and launches extensive interagency and public outreach to educate end users about what’s new. 
Ned Farquhar - DOI Deputy Assistant Secretary Land and Minerals Management
So, I am very honored though, to be here today and shine the spotlight on this Public Land Survey System and the Cadastral Survey program. And really it’s part of the Department of the Interior’s history and roots and beginnings, but it’s also really so important to the history and roots of the nation. 
The four areas of significant change in the Manual are the updated content on water boundaries, the standard of evidence, the coordinates as collateral evidence, and the mineral survey resurveys.
So, these rules of engagement are going to be very important to the future to showing Americans that we’re safe and sound in our survey and our title regardless of what township we may be in.

Wilma Lewis - DOI Assistant Secretary Land and Minerals Management
As our populations continue to grow, as our communities expand, and as our country’s remaining wide open spaces become more valued, your work as cadastral surveyors is even more essential. Our cadastral surveys provide the basic certainty that the renewable energy industry requires before they begin the long process and ultimately the huge investments in development of wind and solar, as well as geothermal energy.

However, one thing is absolutely sure, our cadastral surveyors will continue to execute and maintain this great system of land tenure and ownership.
I’m confident that through the rich resources the Department and BLM manages – and with the assistance of cadastral surveyors – the Department’s role will continue to be monumental in securing a productive future for our Nation.

Curt Sumner - Executive director American Congress on Surveying and Mapping
What’s important about today and is really interesting and wonderful about today is we’re celebrating the next edition of the Manual of Surveying Instructions which is the bridge for that gap and the way we may think about things. That’s a very important element for all of us to remember as we move ahead. 

So with that in mind and the fact that I will be brief, I only want to say that ACSM is extremely proud to be a part of this whole thing, not just today, but will be involved in the publication and distribution of the Manual. We are very happy to be involved in the formation of the PLSS foundation which has extremely high potential to benefit not only surveyors in this country but the rest of the citizens as well.

Don Buhler -  BLM Chief Cadastral Surveyor
...it gives me great pleasure in presenting the ceremonial copy to the Assistant Secretary for Lands and Minerals, Wilma Lewis, and to the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Lands and Minerals, Ned Farquhar, and I will also present one for the Director of the BLM, who could not be here, Bob Abbott.
John Matonich - President National Society of Professional Surveyors
On behalf of the National Society of Professional Surveyors and the 40 plus thousand professional surveyors we represent across the country, we are honored to be here today and certainly honored to be any part of this wonderful ceremony and the most valuable addition to our family in the new manual of instructions.

Scene fades out to closing frame.  Frame is black.  Department of the Interior logo on the top left, and the Bureau of Land Management Logo on the top right.  For MoreInformation, Contact: Robert Dahl, BLM Cadastral Survey Program, robert_w_dahl@blm.gov  http://www.blmsurveymanual.org/

Last updated: 05-12-2011