The BLM's Asset Management Plan is a 3-year plan to provide an asset inventory and guide to operations, preventive maintenance, repair, and construction. Click on the image to download the 2009 Plan.
Asset Management

The BLM has a supporting property and fleet infrastructure that reflects and enables its diverse mission. This infrastructure includes visitor centers and other recreation sites; seasonal fire stations with housing for fire fighters in isolated areas; vehicles able to traverse rugged terrain to access BLM land; fire equipment designed to fight wildland fires in extreme conditions; and administrative offices used by BLM employees, volunteers, partners and contracted support staff.

The primary goal of the BLM’s asset management program is to ensure that the infrastructure is maintained in a sustainable fashion that supports the Bureau’s mission effectively and efficiently. BLM asset managers are responsible for managing real and personal property (asset management), including property provided by the General Services Administration (GSA) and leased by the Department of the Interior (DOI). To accomplish effective asset management, the BLM places an emphasis on safety and security, functionality, efficiency, sustainability, and accessibility.

There are approximately 290 Deferred Maintenance and Capital Investment projects on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) project list. These projects address deficiencies identified in the 2009 Asset Management Plan (AMP) and reflected in the BLM’s Five-year Deferred Maintenance and Capital Improvement Plan. They will be captured, tracked and reported in future versions of the AMP.

The BLM’s asset management policy is developed within the Branch of Engineering and Asset Management Policy, Business Resources Division, within the Business and Fiscal Resources Directorate at the Washington Office. The BLM’s current inventory of real and personal property fluctuates on a daily basis and includes the items described in the table below.

Owned Facilities

Approximate Count

Administrative Sites


Recreation Sites



76,000 + miles


15,000 + miles



Hazard Class Dams




Leased & Other Facilities

Approximate Count

Direct Leases






Personal Property & Fleet




 Laptop and Desktop Computers

 20,000 +










2009 BLM Asset Management Plan (3MB PDF)

National Operations Center Division of Architectural and Engineering

Service First

American Reinvestment and Recovery Action projects