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ADR Program

Ombudsman and Conflict Coaching

The BLM offers an Ombudsman function which assists members of the public who have a conflict or dispute with the BLM by connecting the public with the appropriate BLM staff or manager.  The Ombudsman function can also assist members of the public to understand and talk through their conflicts and disputes with the BLM. 

The ombudsman responsibilities of the ADR Program do not allow the program to make substantive decisions that determine the outcomes of specific conflicts or disputes.  The resolution of disputes ultimately remains with the field manager or other appropriate officials involved directly with the dispute.

If you would like to take advantage of the ombudsman function, please contact us.

Conflict Coaching

BLM employees can obtain coaching, assistance, and training regarding workplace conflicts as well as stakeholder conflicts or disputes in natural resources programs.  Conflict coaching is a confidential, and is provided as a service to employees.

For conflict coaching services, please contact us.