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Collaboration and Dispute Resolution Program

Finding a Neutral in Workplace Conflicts

A third-party neutral, such as a mediator or facilitator, can often be helpful in preventing, managing, and resolving workplace conflict and Civil Rights disputes. There are two general options when a BLM employee or manager wishes to utilize a third-part neutral in a workplace situation:

In-House CORE PLUS Neutrals:  These are employees from within the Department of the Interior who are trained and certified in conflict management and dispute resolution, and who mediate or facilitate as a collateral duty.  There is no charge for their services except for travel expenses if necessary.  The Department has established a roster of certified CORE PLUS neutrals from across all bureaus.  This cadre of certified neutrals includes BLM employees, although in some cases selecting a neutral from another bureau may preferable.  To find a neutral from DOI CORE PLUS Roster, employees may contact their HR or EEO programs, their State or Center's CORE PLUS Coordinator, the National CORE PLUS Coordinator in the WO, or the DOI Office of Collaborative Action and Dispute Resolution. 

External, Third-Party Neutrals:  These are neutral individuals outside the Department of the Interior that can assist in conflict prevention, management, and resolution. The Department of the Interior has a Department-wide contract with a roster of external third-party neutrals for assistance with any workplace issue through the CORE PLUS system.  This contract has taken the place of several past Blanket Purchase Orders and other mechanisms, and allows the entire Department to use a single system for contracting third-party neutral services.  Many practitioners are already on this external roster, and other qualified practioners may easily be added.  The same CORE PLUS points of intake and sources of information listed above can also provide information on external, third-party neutrals. To find and hire a third-party neutral for any workplace issue through the CORE PLUS system, BLM employees may also contact the DOI Office of Collaborative Action and Dispute Resolution.

Additional resources on neutrals can be found on the right.

Additional Resources for Finding Workplace Neutrals