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ADR Program

Contracting and Acquisition ADR

Enhanced BLM use of ADR, conflict prevention, and collaborative stakeholder engagement processes and strategies will strengthen the BLM's relationships with contractors in the procurement and acquisition process.  An important goal of the ADR Program is to continue to provide opportunities for conflict prevention, mitigation, and resolution in contracting and procurement actions. 

Current federal law and policy encourages the use of ADR "to the maximum extent practicable" in the federal contracting and acquisition arena.  The Contract Disputes Act expressly authorizes the voluntary use of ADR, and requires the government to provide written explanation when a contractor's request for ADR has been rejected (41 USC § 605(d) & (e)).

The Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) Subpart 33.2 (specifically Sections 33.204 and 33.214) establish government policy and requirements for ADR in contracting disputes.

Official BLM policy on ADR in contract disputes is found in the BLM Acquisition Manual Section, BLM Manual Section 1510-33.214.

This PowerPoint presentation from the Department of the Interior provides additional basic information on ADR in the Federal Procurement Process.  For more information, or assistance in resolving a BLM contract dispute, please contact us.

BLM employees may also wish to refer to the "Alt Dispute Resolution" section of the BLM Acquisition Internal webpage (access limited to BLM employees).