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Collaboration and Dispute Resolution Program

The BLM Collaboration and Dispute Resolution Program

The Collaboration and Dispute Resolution Program office, located in Washington, DC, provides policy, guidance, strategic direction, and oversight to the BLM’s collaboration and dispute resolution efforts, and provides an additional forum for public involvement through the National Ombuds role.

The Washington program office consists of the Bureau Dispute Resolution Manager, along with Dispute Resolution Specialists and occasional Legal Interns. We also collaborate with outside partners and consultants as needs arise. The program is supported in the BLM Field by the ADR Advisory Council.

The Program is also responsible for chairing and facilitating meetings of the ADR Advisory Council, and for representing the BLM on the Department of the Interior Dispute Resolution Council (IDRC). The office reports to and advises BLM Washington Office leadership on collaboration and dispute resolution in the Field, and sits within the Decision Support Branch under the Assistant Director of Renewable Resources and Planning.
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