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The BLM Collaboration and Dispute Resolution Program 

Collaborative and "ADR" (appropriate or alternative dispute resolution) processes have been recognized by the federal government as key for facing the challenges that arise in managing the public lands for multiple use in an environmentally sustainable fashion. 

Multiple laws and policy directives encourage or mandate the use of collaboration and dispute resolution in the federal government. The Bureau of Land Management strives to increase public participation and improve decision-making and government transparency through collaborative processes and dispute resolution processes.  When working with with landscape-scale issues which cross administrative boundaries, these processes become more and more vital to creating enduring solutions that can be implemented in partnership with other Federal agencies, state and Tribal governments, stakeholders, and the public. The Collaboration and Dispute Resolution Program supports these efforts in the field and across the BLM. 

The Collaboration and Dispute Resolution Program consistently seeks to expand opportunities for public involvement and stakeholder engagement by increasing the BLM's capacity for, and use of, collaboration and dispute resolution.  This is acheived through policy and guidance, tracking and analysis, training, and through direct Program, Field, and public support, such as assistance finding facilitation or designing a successful process. The national Program also allows BLM offices to share best practices and lessons-learned, and results in reduced protests, appeals, and litigation.  In conjunction with other services and efforts in the BLM, such as the BLM's Partnerships Program (which fosters community stewardship by supporting shared management arrangements with myriad partners from friends groups to other agencies to universities) and the BLM's Litigation Strategy (which facilitates the spread of new information, directions, and court decisions across the BLM to improve practices and prevent or narrow litigation in the future) these services lead to more durable outcomes as well as budget savings and increased community and employee trust.

To learn more about support for collaboration and dispute resolution in the BLM, use the links in the box on the right, or use our site map.  If you can't find the information you need on our website, please contact us.

Featured:  Natural Resources Collaboration and ADR Field Guide

This publication describes what the BLM, communities, and the public need to know about preventing conflict and resolving disputes involving public lands and resources.  It was created in collaboration with the Interior Dispute Resolution Council and ADR Advisors in BLM's State Offices and Centers. For more information, select this link.

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