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 Get Involved

BLM sponsors a wide array of Take It Outside activities, from summer camps to hikes. If you’re interested in participating in a BLM sponsored Take It Outside activity or program, contact your local BLM field office or Patti Klein, BLM's National "Take It Outside" Coordinator, at pklein@blm.gov to find out what activities are available in your area.

Even if there are no BLM Take It Outside activities happening in your area, we encourage you and your family to enjoy your public lands. Here are some fun ways you can Take It Outside on your own:


·         Take a hike
·         Explore a park and have a picnic
·         Go for a bike ride
·         Climb a tree
·         Go fishing
·         Sit beside a creek
·         Go snowshoeing or cross-country skiing

·         Take your family camping
·         Attend a nature walk
·         Visit a lake and go for a swim
·         Look at the stars
·         Identify a flower or an insect
·         Investigate signs of wildlife
·         Volunteer outside