Program Successes

"Take It Outside" Successes

BLM’s Take It Outside: Connect to Your Public Lands” program has provided opportunities to over 109,000 children and families to get outside, explore and learn about BLM lands. Since 2008, BLM has awarded over $600,000 though an incentive funding program to help BLM field offices and partners develop projects and programs that get children and families to “Take It Outside!” 

BLM's $600,000 investment has leveraged over $3.6 million dollars in partner cash and/or in-kind donations. Each funded project represents an important investment in future generations and will provide benefits for many years to come.



Here is a list of field projects that created opportunities for over 35,000 kids and their families to participate in outdoor and stewardship activities on BLM public lands. 


  • Campbell Creek Water Education Festival, Anchorage Field Office.
  • School Partner Program Campbell Creek Science Center, Anchorage Field Office.


  • North Kaibab Kids Overnight Camp for Paiute Elders and Children, Arizona Strip Field Office/Vermilion Cliffs National Monument
  • Tohono O'odham Nation Horsemanship Camp, Tucson Field Office.
  • Youth in Wilderness, Tucson Field Office.
  • Geospatial Technology for Outdoor Recreation and Stewardship, Las Cienegas NCA
  • Color Country Natural Resource Camp, AZ Strip, Field Office and GSENM.
  • Yevingkarere Camp Connecting Paiute Indian Youth to Traditional Homelands, AZ Strip, Field Office.
  • OHV Ambassador program, Phoenix, Field Office.


  • Sand Canyon Environmental Education Program, Ridgecrest Field Office.
  • Lost Coast Life Lab, King Range NCA.
  • Desert Discovery Trail, Barstow Field Office Desert Discovery Center (DDC)
  • Access Nature-Bringing Children Back to Nature California Desert District
  • Palm Springs-South Coast Field Office 
  • Kids Making a Difference, Tree Planting/Restoration with 3rd graders, Hollister Field Office.
  • Girl Scouts Explore Outdoors, CA Desert District Field Office.
  • Salmon River Watershed Education Field Trips, Redding Field Office
  • Take It Outside, Needles Field Office.
  • Connect to the Land, Headwaters Habitat Life Science/Social Science field trips for Eureka School children; Arcata Field Office.
  • Humboldt County Historic Restoration,  Arcata Field Office, Headwaters Forest Reserve
  • OHV Education Activity Cards; Imperial Sand Dunes, El Centro Field Office.


  • “Messing About in Boats” River Field Trips, Montrose Field Office.
  • Learning on the Land, Colorado/San Juan Public Lands Center
  • Family Stewardship Project, Durango Field Office.
  • Digging for Clues, McInnis NCA
  • Hilltop Experiential Learning Project - Grand Junction Field Office
  • Salida Boys and Girls Club River Watch, Salida Field Office
  • Castle Rock Field Days, Canyons of the Ancients National Monument 

Eastern States: 

  • Dunes Restoration with Jupiter, FL High School students, Jackson, Field Office.


  • Raptors of the Season-Birds of Prey Educational Field Trips, Coeur d’Alene FO;
  • Interpretation/Educational Kiosks/Brochures for “Hell’s Half Acre”, Idaho Falls Field Office.
  • Wild Science Explorers River Field Trips, Cottonwood Field Office. 
  • Kids Club Salmon Surfers, Cottonwood Field Office.
  • Shoshone School Outdoor Program, Shoshone Field Office. 


  • Natural Resources Youth Camp, Missoula Field Office.
  • ROCKS After School Federal Recreation Program, Miles City Field Office.
  • Journey through the Monument, Lewistown Field Office
  • Kids Fishing Day, Miles City Field Office.
  • Garnet Ghost Town Days, Missoula Field Office.


  • Classrooms Unleashed: Nevada Outdoor School Science/Environmental Education for Youth, Winnemucca Field Office/Carson City, Field Office.  

New Mexico: 

  • Kids in Caves Exploration Field Trips, Roswell Field Office.
  • State Fair Outreach and Recreation Site Passes, NM State Office. 


  • Free Fishing Day, Vale District Office.
  • Cave Exploration/YCC/Trash Out Cache In, Vale District Office.  
  • School Forestry Tour, Roseburg District Office.  
  • Camp Yamhill Overnight Camp for Portland Inner City Youth, OR State Office
  • San Juan Islands Experiential Education Outdoor Classroom, San Juan Islands, Field Office. 
  • Celebrating Salmon, Coos Bay District Office.
  • Resources and People Camp, Klamath Falls Field Office.
  • McGregor Park Environmental Education Program, Medford Field Office
  • Table Rocks Environmental Education Program, Medford Field office
  • Glide Middle School Water Quality Monitoring Program, Swiftwater Field Office, Roseburg District.
  • Junior Pioneer Program, Vale District.
  • Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area Quest, Newport
  • Investing in Stewardship, Roseburg Field Office.
  • Family Friendly Outreach, Vale District Office 


  • Color Country Resource Camp for High School Kids, Saint George Field Office.
  • Family Hiking Series, Cedar City Field Office.
  • Nature High Summer Camp, Salt Lake Field Office.


  • Conservation Outdoor Recreation and Education (CORE) overnight camp trips/service projects for youth, Casper Field Office. 


Kids at free fishing day



Kids taking part in a Take It Outside program



Kids at the New Mexico State Fair



Kids at a Take It Outside program

Mother and son hiking on public lands