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Silicified Gastropods from the House Range

How can I help preserve fossil resources?

You can help preserve fossils for everyone to enjoy by:

  • looking, but not touching.
  • Admire them, but don’t walk directly on them, or ride bikes or drive vehicles over them.
  • Take photographs or make drawings.
  • Measure them, but don’t draw on or around them with chalk or anything else.
  • Never try to remove the fossil or take pieces of them.
  • Pouring plaster into a track has been shown to do irreversible damage to paleontological resources. Never make a replica by putting anything in or on the fossil.

If you find fossils you think may be new discoveries, record their location and pass your information on to your local BLM office. Specialists can then document your find, make scientific observations, and take photographs. Computers and special cameras can make three-dimensional digital images that will last forever, even after the tracks have eroded away.

Remember, taking or damaging tracks or other fossils is against the law. If you see anyone trying to damage, destroy, or steal tracks or other vertebrate fossils from your public lands, please let your local BLM office know. Your help is vital in preserving America’s natural heritage!


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