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New Dinosaur Names

If you were a scientist and found a new dinosaur, how would you name it? 

Utahceratops gettyi means the “Utah horned face of Getty.” It honors Utah, the state of discovery and Mike Getty. Getty is the individual who first found it. Utahceratops gettyi

Kosmoceratops richardsoni means the “ornate horned face of Richardson.” It refers to the many horns on the skull of this animal. It also refers Scott Richardson, who found the most important specimens. (Would you want to have a horned faced dinosaur named after you?)

Kosmoceratops richarsoni
Vagaceratops irvinensis. This is a species that had already been named. It was from Alberta, Canada. Chasmosaurus irvinensis was renamed Vagaceratops irvinensis . Originally scientists thought one of their discoveries were a lot like Chasmosaurus. But after carefully examining it, they changed their minds. They think their discovery is much more like Kosmoceratops . The new name, Vagaceratops , means “wandering horned face.” This refers to its close relationship with one of the new Utah dinosaurs. The scientists in Utah wrote a paper about their new discoveries.Vagaceratops irvinenis