Fire Collateral Damage


The Hargus Ranch, a sheep herding headquarters, was built at the mouth of a canyon on the north slope of the Harcuvar Mountains and was used between 1920 and 1940. Seeps and shallow water table in the canyon have attracted people to the area, and prehistoric sites indicate that the area has been used for over 7,000 years. The historic ranch site was located at a popular access point to the Harcuvar Mountains Wilderness Area and the Lake Havasu Field Office intended to interpret the historic and current grazing use, as well as the Wilderness Area for the public.

Although the fire came close, fire fighters saved Hargus Ranch from the 1999 Harcuvar Fire. However, following the fire, three major floods came down the canyon. The intensity of the storms was unusual for winter rains in the area and the seedlings that had sprouted after the fire could not hold back tons of water and debris. The wall of water from the first storm destroyed all of the outbuildings and severely damaged the house. The site is still an important landmark to the local community and Arizona Site Stewards have helped the BLM clean out and stabilize the damaged remaining structure.