Montana Cultrual Resource Publications


Note: The publications listed below are available upon request from Gary P. Smith, Deputy Preservation Officer, Bureau of Land Management, Montana State Office, 5001 Southgate Drive, Billings, MT 59101-4669, (406)896-5214.

    • Deaver, Sherri, and Ken Deaver. An Archeological Overview of the Butte District Prehistory. Montana Bureau of Land Management, 1990.
    • Gregg, Michael L. An Overview of the Prehistory of Western and Central North Dakota. Montana Bureau of Land Management, and University of North Dakota, 1984. OUT OF PRINT
    • Hill, Christopher L., and Leslie B. Davis. The Merrell Locality & Centennial Valley, southwest Montana; Pleistocene Geology, Paleontology, & Prehistoric Archaeology. Montana Bureau of Land Management, Cultural Resources Series No. 4. 2005.
    • Upper Missouri National Wild and Scenic River Cultural Resource Management Plan, Vols. 1-3. Montana Bureau of Land Management, 1992. OUT OF PRINT