Guidance and Standards

CRDSP 2-5 Year State Goals

CRDSP Metadata & Content Standards for GIS Data Sets 2006

NPS Cultural Resource Geospatial Content Standard: FGDC Proposal 2007

FGDC Report: Creating Metadata Standards 2000

California Permit Standards

BLM GPS Standards and Guidance

Role of the BLM Data Representative

Data Access

Cultural Heritage Data: Automated data regarding Cultural Heritage resource values are available to persons qualified under terms of the Archaeological Resources Protection Act Section 4 and the accompanying regulations 43 Code of Federal Regulations 7.8. Access to databases is obtained by application to various State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO) data stewards.

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NPS Bulletin 29: Guidelines for Restricting Information About Historic and Prehistoric Resources

Other Links to Standards and Guidance:

GPS Standards for the Cultural Programs have been published. See also, the US Forest Service GPS web site for information.

During May 2003 a significant update occured in GPS to GIS news. A second generation GeoCE devices from Trimble was announced. View the announcement and compare to the original specification sheet and join the Forum topic for more detail.

The document "STANDARDS FOR TRANSMITTAL OF GIS DATA TO SHPO DATA SYSTEMS" is available for your review here. Please join discussions of the material on the Forum.

An important topic of discussion concerns how spatial data "should be gathered, received, and distributed for and by BLM and its SHPO partners". Eric Ingbar has prepared a document "A Baseline Model" to stimulate discussion. Please read this paper and comment in the DUG Forum.