Volunteering with AML

There is plenty of AML-related work to be done, and BLM welcomes the assistance of volunteers! Examples of volunteer opportunities include:

  • Locating AML sites (e.g., ground-truth site location information using Global Positioning System data)
  • Becoming a “Site Steward”
  • Helping to post signs and markers, and putting up fences
  • Monitoring site closures to ensure signs, markers, fences and bat gates are functional
  • Helping to clean up debris on public lands and streams
  • Taking water samples
  • Administrative support, such as entering data into the AML inventory

Local volunteers have helped to make public lands safer by pitching in to close mines and post signs. The following Web sites can open the doors to partnership and volunteering opportunities.

BLM Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteerism at the U.S. Department of the Interior