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Working with AML - Contracting and Volunteering

Contracting with AML

BLM welcomes companies interested in AML-related work. The following information is offered to assist potential contractors in pursuing AML job opportunities:

  • AML contract opportunities generally fall in these types of work: conducting environmental studies; architectural and engineering design; and actual on-the-ground construction.
  • AML projects work is advertised for bids in several ways. Sometimes BLM offices coordinate the process. Sometimes BLM coordinates through other Federal partnering agency procurement offices (such as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers). In other cases, State government agencies may be handling the bid and contract award processes.
  • Companies should consider the geographic locations where they are seeking opportunities and contact the local BLM offices for information on pending projects and needs.

Technologies continue to advance in environmental remediation. Companies which have developed new technologies to address specific environmental conditions and needs are welcome to share their product information with BLM. While BLM cannot endorse specific companies or their products, BLM can offer to make the information available to field personnel for their consideration. There are also various third-party AML-related conferences held during the year. Some of these events offer marketing opportunities that companies may want to consider.

The federal government has very strict laws and regulations when it comes to buying services and products from the private sector. BLM seeks to do business legally with as much efficiency as possible. Please take advantage of the information for potential contractors on the following Web sites:

Doing Business with BLM

Federal Business Opportunities

Volunteering with AML

There is plenty of AML-related work to be done, and BLM welcomes the assistance of volunteers! Examples of volunteer opportunities include:

  • Locating AML sites (e.g., ground-truth site location information using Global Positioning System data)
  • Becoming a “Site Steward”
  • Helping to post signs and markers, and putting up fences
  • Monitoring site closures to ensure signs, markers, fences and bat gates are functional
  • Helping to clean up debris on public lands and streams
  • Taking water samples
  • Administrative support, such as entering data into the AML inventory

Local volunteers have helped to make public lands safer by pitching in to close mines and post signs. The following Web sites can open the doors to partnership and volunteering opportunities.

BLM Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteerism at the U.S. Department of the Interior

Sample Volunteer Projects

Eagle Scout Volunteer AML Securing Projects, from the Nevada Commission on Mineral Resources