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AML Publications

Abandoned Mine Land Inventory Study for BLM-Managed Lands in California, Nevada, and Utah: Site and Feature Analysis
Historic mining have left thousands of abandoned hardrock mine sites acattered across the West on BLM-managed land, presenting physical safety and environmental hazards. In this report the BLM estimated the total number of AML sites and features on BLM-managed land in California, Nevada, and Utah. From those estimates, BLM then determined the number of sites yet to be inventoried in each of the three states and developed cost and time estimates to complete the work. Part two of a three part series. Available at the BLM Library - publication number BLM/OC/ST-15/001|+3720    November 2014.

Dangers at Abandoned Mines - AML Safety Brochure
The BLM AML program and its federal program partners (National Park Service, U.S. Forest Servie, Office aod Sruface Mining, and the Environmental Protection Agency) created this safety brochure for abandoned mines. Remember - Stay Out, Stay Alive!(BLM Publication number: BLM/WO/GI-13/009+3720, P-416). September 2014.

Abandoned Mine Lands "A New Legacy"
The New Legacy publication covers the successes of the BLM's AML program between 2009-2011. May 2013.

Abandoned Mine Lands - Feasibility Study for AML Inventory Validation and Physical Safety Closures
The Feasibility Study for AML Inventory Validation and Physical Safety Closures gives an estimate of the costs to validate and address the unremediated AML sites posing physical safety hazards. Part one of a three part series. July 2013.

BLM Program Manual MS-3720

The BLM's AML program is managed by Manual Section 3720 (MS-3720). The purpose of MS-3720 is to provide the policy and strategic program direction framework for BLM to manage the reclamation of abandoned hardrock mine sites on or affecting lands administered by BLM. September 2013.






BLM AML Program Policy Handbook H-3720-1 

The AML program handbook provides detailed policy direction for addressing abandoned mine sites. It is intended to guide field staff on common AML remediation scenarios and, where possible, to provide options, tools, resources, and examples that can be considered when addressing significantly more complex remediation activities. March 2007.





Abandoned Mine Lands: A Decade of Progress Reclaiming Hardrock Mines

In 1997, the BLM and the U.S. Forest Service embarked on mutual efforts to address the impacts of hardrock abandoned mine lands (AML). The purposes of this report are threefold: 1) to shed light on abandoned mining sites and their impacts on public lands; 2) to highlight the accomplishments of the BLM, the Forest Service, and project partners in addressing AML problems; and 3) to describe the outlook for future AML reclamation efforts. September 2007.


Instruction Memoranda (IMs)
IMs are temporary policy directives issued by the BLM Washington and State Offices that transmit new policies, procedures, and directions.

Technical Resources
Resources relating to abandoned mine lands