Renewable Energy Summit: Session 1

Monday AM, August 31

VIDEO CLIPS of the Renewable Energy Summit are now available for viewing.  These are large files, so they may take a while to download, linked through the BLM's National Training Center's Knowledge Resource Center system.  Click on the title or screen image to start the video. Transcripts are being created and will soon be available.  If used in the presentation, PDF VERSIONS of PowerPoint presentation are also available . Click on the PDF icons to download.

Video 1: Opening Remarks and Keynote Speaker

Bob Abbey



PDF of

Ray Brady , BLM Energy Team Manager

Ron Wenker , BLM Nevada State Director

Bob Abbey , BLM Director

Wilma Lewis , Assistant Secretary for Land and Minerals Management

Not Available


Video 2: Overview of Renewable Energy Policies

Tim Spisak


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Ed Roberson , BLM Assistant Director, Renewable Resources and Planning

Tim Spisak , BLM Deputy Assistant Director, Minerals & Realty Management

Jim Murkin , Deputy Director, National Landscape Conservation System and Community Partnerships

Moderated by Ray Brady, BLM Energy Team Manager