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BLM Renewable Energy Summit 

The first BLM Renewable Energy Summit, held in Las Vegas, NV, August 31-September 3, 2009,   focused on implementing President Barack Obama's New Energy for America agenda on the public lands and the integration of these energy sources into the electric grid. The target audiences were Field and District BLM managers and key renewable energy project managers and key staff tasked with implementation of this renewable energy agenda, especially wind, solar, and transmission. More than 300 people participated.  They gained enhanced knowledge and tools on how to create proactive solutions to move renewable energy forward. 

Video from the Conference

Click on the Session to view the video segments.

Monday AM August 31 --Participants heard from new BLM Director Bob Abbey and DOI Assistant Secretary Wilma Lewis. BLM Energy Team Manager Ray Brady moderated an overview of renewable energy policies.

Monday PM, August 31 -- Speakers discussed land reuse initiatives and gave overviews of wind, solar, and geothermal energy.

Tuesday AM  September 1 -- Industry representatives discussed wind and solar case studies.

Tuesday PM, September 1 --T. Boone Pickens spoke at lunch, followed by industry case studies on transmission and presentations by environmental and non-government organizations.

Wednesday, September 2 --  A panel discussed workforce planning and staffing. Representatives from Nellis Air Force Base discussed the large solar installation outside Las Vegas.

Wednesday PM, September 2 --A panel covered issues related to renewable energy and wildlife; Steve Black, Counsel to the DOI Secretary, was the keynote speaker; an  additional panel considered Visual Resource Management (VRM).

Thursday, September 3 - A cultural resources/tribal consultation panel was followed by state breakout sessions; afterward, there was a session summarizing next steps.

Additional Resources --This page lists resources and related documents that were discussed at the Summit.