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energy policy and conservation act phase two inventory

EPCA Phase II Report

The report, titled Scientific Inventory of Onshore Federal Lands' Oil and Gas Resources and the Extent and Nature of Restrictions or Impediments to Their Development — Phase II Cumulative Inventory, supersedes Phase I of the inventory. The report includes:

  • All five of the areas covered by the initial release of the inventory in 2003 (Paradox/San Juan, Uinta-Piceance, Greater Green River, and Powder River Basins and the Montana Thrust Belt)
  • Six additional areas: Northern Alaska (the National Petroleum Reserve - Alaska and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge 1002 area only), the Wyoming Thrust Belt, the Denver, Appalachian, and Black Warrior Basins, and the Florida Peninsula
  • The additional impact of drilling permit conditions of approval, as required by Section 364 of the Energy Policy Act of 2005

These 11 areas encompass 99 million acres of Federal lands and contain an estimated 21 billion barrels of oil and 187 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, or an estimated 76 percent of the oil and gas resources under Federal onshore ownership. The report provides an inventory of the extent and nature of limitations to development of these resources and does not make any policy recommendations in response to its findings.

To request a copy of the full report by mail click here.  

EPCA Phase I Report

This version has been superseded by the above Phase II release. However, for reference purposes and for those interested in its historical antecedent, the original Phase I release of January 2003 can be found here.


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