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2006 BMP Awards

2006 Best Management Practices Award

 Plains Group

Award Category:

Habitat Conservation Best Management Practices

Awarded To:

Plains Exploration and Production Company
Bakersfield, CA

The collaborative fashion in which Plains Exploration and Production Company has worked in concert with agencies such as the Fish and Wildlife Service and the California Department of Fish and Game to establish long-term conservation programs to benefit threatened, endangered, and sensitive species and habitats reaches beyond regulatory requirements and public expectations. The training efforts conducted as part of the implementation of a six year old Habitat Conservation Plan illustrate the long-term commitment of Plains Exploration and Production Company to conserve and enhance these important habitats. In addition, Plains Exploration and Production Company has removed oil production from, and set aside, 1,254 acres of their own property, valued at over $1,000,000, as “Habitat Management Lands” for the recovery of four Threatened & Endangered species. These are exemplary practices that could be applied to other locales as industry looks for ways to provide for the energy needs of the nation while sustaining quality habitat for the long term benefit and recovery of listed species.