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Gold Book

The Gold Book

""The publication Surface Operating Standards and Guidelines for Oil and Gas Exploration and Development (commonly referred to as The Gold Book) was developed to assist operators by providing information on the requirements for obtaining permit approval and conducting environmentally responsible oil and gas operations on Federal lands and on private surface over Federal minerals (split-estate). Split-estate surface owners will also find the Gold Book to be a useful reference guide. In 2007 the Gold Book was updated to incorporate changes resulting from the new Onshore Oil and Gas Order No. 1 regulations. Look below to find out how to obtain a copy of the revised 2007 Gold Book (4th Edition).

Public Distribution of Printed Copies

To order up to two copies of the Gold Book, publication P-417, please e-mail Printed Materials Distribution Service at their group email:

To ensure that your request is processed, please include:

  • your name
  • complete physical street address to include bldg/room/mail stop, etc.
  • (PO Box not acceptable)
  • contact telephone number

There is no charge for the Gold Book.


Download the entire Gold Book, Fourth Edition, 2007
PDF version, 6.3MB | MS Word version, 219KB

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Figure 1 - Exclosure Fence.jpg
Figure 2 - Road Cross-Section Template.jpg
Figure 3 - Road Cross-Sections and Plans.jpg
Figure 4 - Road Plan and Profile.jpg
Figure 5 - Drainage Dip.jpg
Figure 6 - Culvert Spacing.jpg
Figure 7 - Culvert Installation.jpg