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2006 BMP Award Winners

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BLM Announces 2006 Best Management
Practices Award Winners

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Bureau of Land Management Director Kathleen Clarke announced on August 8, 2006, the winners of the 2006 Oil, Gas and Geothermal Development Environmental Best Management Practices (BMP) Awards. The awards recognize oil, gas, and geothermal operators or right-of-way grantees and their partners who are demonstrating leadership and creativity in reducing the impacts of developing natural gas, oil, and geothermal resources on public lands.

Three operators were recognized for their use of BMPs:

“These companies are in the business of energy development, but they have made the health of the land their business, too,” BLM Director Clarke said. “Their operations illustrate the important principle that we do not have to choose between the health of our environment and the energy we need to keep our country strong and sustain our quality of life.”

Director Clarke presented awards to the winners today at the Rocky Mountain Natural Gas conference in Denver.

This is the first year the BLM has formally recognized achievement in incorporating best management practices in fluid minerals development. The awards will now be given on an annual basis. Operators, regulatory authorities, surface management agencies, Indian Tribes or individual Indian landowners, other private landowners, trade organizations, and members of the general public may nominate operators. Company officials or staff may nominate their own operations.

A panel composed of BLM representatives, the energy industry, and representatives of conservation groups reviews nominations and makes recommendations to the BLM Director.

Environmental BMPs are innovative, dynamic, and economically feasible mitigation measures applied on a site-specific basis to reduce, prevent, or avoid adverse environmental impacts from energy development projects. By reducing the area of disturbance, adjusting the location of facilities, and utilizing various other techniques to minimize environmental effects, oil, gas, and geothermal operators are significantly reducing wildlife habitat and scenic quality impacts associated with new energy development on public lands. More information about BMPs is available at

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Also: The BLM's Buffalo, Wyoming Field Office has received the 2006 BLM-BMP Award for "Leadership and Creativity"

From the Award Letter:

"The Buffalo Field Office has demonstrated that fully supporting and encouraging the use of environmental Best Management Practices (BMP) by industry and managing a heavy permitting workload are not mutually exclusive tasks.
Development of coalbed natural gas has resulted in continuous innovation and refinement of several environmental BMPs. The Buffalo Field Office is known throughout the BLM for its widespread use of the following environmental BMPs:

  • Centralizing production facilities and using telemetry to reduce traffic and road construction;
  • Burying gas, water, and electric lines within or immediately adjacent to roads;
  • Minimizing the initial width of well pads and access roads;
  • Revegetating entire well roads and well pads during production; and
  • Painting facilities to blend with the environment.

This award highlights the Buffalo Field Office’s commitment to excellence and leadership in minimizing impacts to land, resources, and communities through the development and implementation of BMPs."