Automated Fluid Minerals Support System (AFMSS)


BLM Announces Annual Adjustment to Drilling Permit Fee

As directed by Congress, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will be adjusting the fee it charges to process oil and gas drilling permits on public and Indian lands for inflation effective October 1, 2016.  That adjustment will increase the fee charged for such permits by $110 to $9,610.

The BLM has issued guidance to its field offices regarding the collection and handling of APD fees in the current fiscal year.  The new guidance largely tracks prior guidance with respect to collection and handling policies such as when the fee is required; when the BLM will begin processing the APD; and acceptable forms of payment.

The AFMSS project was originally sponsored by Joe Chesser in the BLM New Mexico State Office.  AFMSS replaced two PC-based systems:  The Automated Inspection Records system (AIRS) which contained district office oil and gas information, and the Monthly Report of Operations (MRO) that contained copies of the Minerals Management Service's production information.  AFMSS also provides additional functionality not found in either of these two old systems.

AFMSS went into production in the BLM field offices in 1997, and officially entered operations and maintenance status in 1998.  The original versions of AFMSS included an AIX client.  However, since AFMSS v2.3, the client portion of AFMSS only runs on the Windows platform.

AFMSS is used to track oil and gas information on public and Indian land.  It contains data concerning lease and agreement ownership, well identification, location and history, including casing information, geologic formations, resource protection, production, and operator compliance.  The system has an electronic commerce module to interface with the oil and gas industry.

AFMSS is used in all BLM field offices and State Offices which are involved in supporting the Fluid Minerals Program. 

If you need assistance accessing the AFMSS database or need general help with AFMSS please click here.