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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Q: Do I have to use Electronic Permitting?
A: No. The BLM will continue to accept permit applications and reports in hardcopy form, the same as they always have.
Q: Will Electronic Permitting cost me anything?
A: No. There are no fees for submitting your permit applications and reports electronically. If you already have a PC with an Internet connection, it won't cost you anything extra.
Q: Will my permit application or report get processed any faster if I submit it electronically?
A: If your permit application or report requires formal approvals from the BLM, it will still take the same amount of time to go through the approval processes. However, submitting electronically will allow your permit/report to start the approval process more quickly because it virtually eliminates data entry for the BLM.
Q: Our company has several different offices, each of which wants to use Electronic Permitting. Do they each need a separate Trading Partner Agreement?
A: No. One Trading Partner Agreement for the whole company is all that is needed. However, if more than one office/person will be submitting Electronic Permits, each one will need an ID and password.
Q: Can a Permitting Agent electronically file permit applications and reports on behalf of our company ?
A: Yes. A Permitting Agent can be set up to use WIS, and can be a designated agent for your company.
Q: Should I follow up my electronic submission with a paper copy in the mail?
A: Absolutely NOT!! The BLM will receive and process your electronic submission. Please do NOT send an extra copy via mail or fax.
Q: How can I include all of the required maps, diagrams, and documents with my electronic submissions?
A: The web-based front end will allow you to send us the computer files which contain your documents, maps, and drawings. You simply attach your files that are on your computer, and it will be processed electronically for you.
Q: What kinds of files can I send with my electronic submissions?
A: The Well Information System can currently accept the following types of files:
  • Microsoft Office: Word Documents ( .doc ), Excel Workbook ( .xls ), PowerPoint ( .ppt )
  • Adobe Portable Document Format ( .pdf )
  • HTML Documents ( .htm, .html )
  • Graphics Files ( .gif, .jpg, .bmp, .tif, .pcx )
  • PostScript Format Files ( .eps, .ps )
  • Text Documents ( .txt, .rtf )
  • CAD Drawing Files ( .dwg )
As we expand the use of WIS, we will be adding support for different types of files as needed. If you would like to see if we can add a new type of file for your submissions, contact WIS Technical Support.
Q: I already use a spreadsheet program to input my data and create my forms for filing permit applications and reports. Can I just send you my spreadsheet?
A: No, not right now, although this is an option we are investigating for the future. 

Q: What if I want to submit a confidential APD-is it secure?
A: Absolutely. Once you log in with your ID and password, everything you do is protected by a secure transfer mode connection so no one can "listen in" or see anything you are doing. No one else can see your data, and you can't see anyone else's data.
Q: How does the Electronic Signature currently work in WIS? 
A: WIS does not use a "signature", per se. WIS requires each user to have a unique ID and password, which authenticates the user when they login. This provides the level of security which equates to a real signature. And, on each of the forms produced by WIS, a statement is printed near the signature line, to signify for the record that this data was submitted electronically. The BLM has agreed to accept this statement, used in conjunction with a secure ID and password, as valid substitutes for an actual signature on the forms.
Q: What do I do when someone leaves our company? We don't want them to continue accessing our data on WIS.
A: You should contact WIS Technical Support when an employee leaves your company, so we can inactivate their WIS User ID immediately.
Q: Can I change my ID or password?
A: Your ID cannot change because your ID is your email address. You may change your password in your profile section. See page 29 of the WIS User Guide for more details.
Q: Are there any requirements on choosing an ID or password?
A: Your WIS ID is your email address (e.g., When choosing a password, it must be eight or more characters in length and contain a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters. There must be at least one numeric character (0,1,2...9) and at least one special character (e.g., %, &,#, *, etc.).

To see a complete listing of instructions, please read Requirements for Resetting your Password.