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EPCA Phase III Inventory GIS Data

The EPCA Phase III Inventory GIS data files are available for download using the links below. Due to the size of the files, a high speed Internet connection is recommended. If you would like a DVD of the GIS data for EPCA Phase III, please send your name, address (no P.O. Boxes, please), and phone number to

Geodata Files

These files contain personal geodatabase files (.mdb), and ArcMap GIS Project files (.mxd) suitable for users of ESRI’s ArcMap GIS. The data for each detailed study area covered in this release are contained in their own geodatabase files and accompanying project files.  The “Extrapolation Model.mdb” file contains the extrapolated areas. The “Basemap Data.mdb” file contains layer common to all of the study areas such as state lines, BLM Field Office jurisdictional boundaries, and National Forest and Grassland boundaries.  Therefore it must accompany any study area files moved or copied to another location.

Detailed (1.1 MB) -- This zip file contains Microsoft Excel files that present a more detailed breakdown of the land access categorization than is contained in the published report.  Various tabs within each file contain tables and charts also found in the report, a quality control evaluation, and breakdowns by Federal agency, agency jurisdictional, or land use planning area.  The last tabs show summary information for BLM lands and National Forests and Grasslands within that particular study area.

Related Data

Proved Reserves (41 MB ZIP) -- This zip file contains a pair of geodatabases used for the determination of Federal reserves and reserves growth and are a result of the procedures detailed in Appendix 8 of the report.

Previous EPCA Reports

Earlier version have been superseded by the above Phase III release. However, for reference purposes, here are links to earlier EPCA Reports:

EPCA Phase II--November 2006

EPCA Phase I--January 2003