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Geothermal Resources Leasing Programmatic EIS

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The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the USDA Forest Service (FS) have prepared a joint Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (PEIS) to analyze and expedite the leasing of BLM-and FS-administered lands with high potential for renewable geothermal resources in 11 Western states and Alaska.

Implementation Workshops Held Across Western States and Alaska

From April through June 2009, the BLM and U.S. Forest Service conducted a series of workshops for BLM/FS staff, State agency staff, and members of the public, geothermal industry, Tribal representatives, and other interested parties. For more details about the information covered in these workshops, click here.

What were the objectives of the PEIS?

  1. Programmatically assess the direct, indirect, and cumulative effects of leasing, exploration and development of geothermal resources on high priority areas (critical locations) on BLM- and FS-administered lands in order to expedite leasing.  Additional environmental documentation would be required prior to actual exploration drilling and development.
  2. Amend BLM and FS Resource Management Plans/Land Use Plans for geothermal leasing, based on PEIS analysis.
  3. Provide analysis so site-specific leasing decisions can be made for the pending backlog geothermal lease applications received by the BLM and FS prior to January 1, 2005.

What was the Project Schedule? 

Public Scoping meetings - July 2007
Draft PEIS for public review/comment – June 2008
Public meetings – July 2008
Final PEIS for public review – Fall 2008  
Record of Decision - Signed December 17, 2008 - Link to News Release 


  Record of Decision
•  GIS Data Now Available 
•  FINAL Programmatic EIS
•  PowerPoint Presentation
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