Cabezon Creek WSA, NM
Coal Mining, Wyoming Geothermal Power Plant, California Oil 'Donkey', New Mexico Solar Energy Panel, Unknown Wind Turbines, Palm Springs, CA
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Each year, thousands of individuals and companies apply to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to obtain a right-of-way (ROW) on public land.
A ROW grant is an authorization to use a specific piece of public land for a certain project, such as roads, pipelines, transmission lines, and communication sites. A ROW grant authorizes rights and privileges for a specific use of the land for a specific period of time. Generally, a BLM ROW is granted for a term appropriate for the life of the project.

What information will I find on the ROW web site?

  • General Information
    • When do I need a grant?
    • Where can I find the ROW regulations?
      • An "Old vs. New" overview of the new ROW regulations
      • A detailed list of questions and answers (FAQs) regarding the new regulations
    • What terms are used in the regulations in this part?
      • Glossary
    • How do I appeal a BLM decision issued under the regulations in this part?
  • Applying for Grants
    • What should I do before I file my application?
    • What information must I submit in my application?
      • SF-299 form (ROW application form)
      • Plan of Development Templates, pre-application checklist
    • What are the processing and monitoring fees for a grant application?
    • What are the BLM's customer service standards?
  • Rents
    • What rent must I pay for my grant?
    • What is the rent for a linear ROW grant?
      • Current Linear ROW Rent Schedule
    • What is the rent for a communication site ROW/lease?
      • Communication Uses Rent Schedule
    • What is rent for a solar ROW grant?
      • Solar ROW Rent Schedule
    • What happens if I pay the rent late?
  • Grant Administration and Operation
    • If I hold a grant, for what am I liable?
    • How is grant administration affected if the land my grant encumbers is transferred from BLM?
      • Final Easement Policy
    • How do I assign my grant?
    • How do I renew my grant?
    • When must I amend my application or grant?