National 15-Year NLCS Strategy and 
State Step-Down Strategies

In October of 2011, the BLM completed the National Landscape Conservation System 15-Year Strategy 2010-2025 to provide national-level guidance for managing the BLM’s National Conservation Lands and to help further its FLPMA mandate to preserve and protect certain public lands that have been designated by Congress or the President in recognition of their outstanding natural and cultural values. The national strategy is organized around 4 major themes:

  • Ensuring the conservation, protection, and restoration of NLCS values,
  • Collaboratively managing the NLCS as part of the larger landscape,
  • Raising awareness of the value and benefits of the BLM’s NLCS, and
  • Building upon BLM’s commitment of conservation. 

Each of the BLM State Offices in turn were asked to prepare a three-year strategy organized around and tiered to the same four themes outlined in the national strategy. The state strategies, which identify state-wide and NLCS unit-level action items, will serve to prioritize the most important work to be accomplished in the next three years.   Links to the national and various state NLCS strategies are provided below.














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