Arthur Short Bull

BLM Artist-in-Residence Arthur Short Bull belongs to the Oglala Lakota (Sioux) people of the northern Great Plains. He was raised in a traditional family at White Clay Creek (Makasan).

According to the artist, “The history of the American West is rich, abundant, and interwoven with that of the original inhabitants.... That history has rarely been told visually through the eyes of Native Americans, with the outlook and interpretation that only Native Americans could express.”
The artist is related to famed artist and historian Amos Bad Heart Bull, younger brother of He Dog, both of whom rode with Crazy Horse at the battle of Little Big Horn. In 1891, Bad Heart Bull purchased a ledger book at a Nebraska dry goods store. Aided by stories from his uncle Grant Short Bull, he filled it with the illustrated history of their band. This important historical document and visual narrative has been a lifelong inspiration to the artist.

In 2006 Short Bull was a recipient of the First Peoples Cultural Capital Program Fellowship, during which he commemorated the Wounded Knee Massacre in poems and paintings. In 2009 he received a First Peoples Fund Business Leadership award, and in 2010 he served as an advisor to the National Endowment for the Arts.

Short Bull’s focus and intent as Artist-in-Residence has been “to picture the original landscape [and] to honor my Native heritage through my paintings.”

Sacred Pour-over -- Watercolor on paper, 2012 by Arthur Short Bull

Dripline Shadow -- Watercolor on paper, 2012 by Arthur Short Bull