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The Pony Express

How could a questionable business venture that lasted only18 months become such an important part of Western History? Why do people today think the Pony Express was so cool? 

Is it that the Pony reduced the amount of time it took to get mail, especially important messages and news from the East to West Coasts?

Is it the story of the business failure of the Central Overland California & Pike's Peak Express Company and the ruin of its three partners, Russell, Majors, and Wadell?

NO…? Is it the facts of what happened? OR, is it the story of the riders on their heroic journey across dangerous territory by themselves, with only their horses for companionship, and a pistol or two for protection. How about it? Would you like to have done that?

Whatever the attraction on October 24, 1861 the telegraph linked California with the rest of the United States. Two days later the Pony Express went out of business. The Company had never made money and its owners, Russell, Wadell, and Majors were ruined  

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The Pony Express National Historic Trail

Relive a dramatic part of the West's history as you travel the same trail that Pony Express Riders covered 150 years ago.   The video will give you a quick look at  what you will find but for more information visit the following links: 

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Pony Express National Backcountry Byway

National Historic Trails Interpretive Center

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Sand Springs, Nevada

National Pony Express Association

Pony Express National Historic Trail Marker

Learn More About the Pony Express

To learn more about the Mystery of the Pony Express request a copy of the History Mystery Examiner.

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