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Similarly Designated Lands 

Among other designations, the National Conservation Lands include national conservation areas and three categories of similarly designated lands created by Congress to conserve, protect, enhance, and manage public lands for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations. The three categories of similar congressional designations are described below.
Cooperative Management and Protection Areas
The cooperative management and protection area (CMPA) designation was established by Congress to conserve, protect, and manage the long-term ecological integrity of special landscapes for future and present generations. This designation seeks to maintain and enhance cooperative and innovative management projects, programs, and agreements between tribal, public, and private interests. The BLM manages the only CMPA in the nation.  The Steens Mountain CMPA  in eastern Oregon was established by Congress in 2000 to conserve and protect the area's ecological, social, and economic resources.
Outstanding Natural Areas

The Outstanding Natural Area (ONA) designation was established by Congress primarily to protect unique scenic, scientific, educational, and recreational values.  Recreation activities center on those that foster education and interpretation of the ONA's unique resources. The first of the BLM's three ONAs, Oregon's Yaquina Head ONA , was established by Congress in 1980.  In May of 2008, Congress designated two more: Florida's Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse ONA and California's Piedras Blancas Light Station ONA .  

Forest Reserves
The forest reserve (FR) designation was established to protect and help recover populations of threatened and endangered species, as well as additional species that may become listed in the future. Scientific research is promoted to expand current knowledge of forest reserve resources. The BLM's first and only forest reserve is the Headwaters Forest Reserve in northern California.  It was established by Congress in 1999, in cooperation with the State of California, to protect an old-growth redwood forest acquired from private interests.

BLM-managed areas falling under these categories are listed below by designation type. 

National Conservation Lands
Jupiter Inlet Outstanding Natural Area


Cooperative Management and Protection Area

 Steens Mountain Cooperative Management and Protection Area

Steens Mountain (Oregon)
Designated by Congress in 2000, this area consists of 425,000 acres in southeastern Oregon including volcanic uplifts, deep glacially carved gorges, stunning scenery, wilderness, wild rivers, and a rich diversity of plant and animal species

Outstanding Natural Area

 Jupiter Inlet Outstanding Natural Area - Photo by Jim Johnston

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse (Florida)
The 63-acre Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse ONA was designated by Congress in 2008.  The Bureau of Land Management works closely with partners to protect, conserve, and enhance the unique and nationally important historic, natural, cultural, scientific, educational , scenic, and recreational values of this site. Management emphasizes the restoration of native systems. 

 Piedras Blancas Outstanding Natural Area - Photo by Bob Wick, BLM

Piedras Blancas Light Station (California)
The 18-acre Piedras Blancas Light Station ONA was designated by Congress in 2008. The historic light house was completed in 1875. Visitors to the lighthouse experience its historic character through tours led by costumed interpreters. Significant ecological restoration efforts are also underway on the lands surrounding the lighthouse. 


 Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area

Yaquina Head (Oregon)
The centerpiece of this 100-acre area is the historic Yaquina Head Lighthouse, Oregon’s second-oldest continuously operating lighthouse. This coastal headland is also a popular place for bird watching, whale watching, and tidepool viewing.



Forest Reserve

 Headwaters Forest Reserve - Photo by Bob Wick, BLMHeadwaters (California)
The Headwaters Forest Reserve is 7,472 acres of public land located 6 miles southeast of Eureka, CA. The Reserve's stands of old-growth redwoods and surrounding lands and streams are managed to provide habitat for threatened seabirds and threatened native fish species.

Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area