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Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act (REA)

Interagency Implementation Handbook for Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act

Keeping with the intent of the law, this interagency agreement on common definitions and policy guidance will establish a basis for consistency in actions and enable common reporting by each of the agencies implementing the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act (REA).

The Secretary delegates to the individual agencies sections of the law for policy development and implementation.  Each agency will provide the Department with the written policy guidance that incorporates these standard definitions and overarching policy guidelines.  The following policy guidelines provide the Departmental level guidance identified by the law and may be tailored and expanded upon to fit specific agency situations or requirements.  This guidance will be revised over time as appropriate.

Other highlights of REA include:

  • Limiting fees to recreation sites that have a specified minimum level of development and meet specific criteria.
  • Providing new public participation opportunities when agencies propose to establish new, or alter existing, recreation fees. For the BLM and the US Forest Service this includes providing Recreation Resource Advisory Committees with an opportunity to review and make recommendations on agency fee proposals.
  • Authorizing a new interagency recreation pass – the “America the Beautiful – National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass”.
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