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Standard Amenity Fees

Standard amenity fees are defined in the Recreation Enhancement Act (REA) and reflect a mix of societal and personal benefits, where it is appropriate for users to share in some of the costs. 

The decision on whether or not to charge a standard amenity fee meeting the following criteria is based on a business plan analysis, which includes local considerations. Fees for standard amenity recreation sites and services are typically collected on site or through a reservation system. (Note: holders of a valid “America the Beautiful – the National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass” are exempt from the payment of standard amenity fees.) 
According to REA, standard amenity fees may be charged for sites and services that meet one of the following criteria. The site or area is:
1. Designated as a National Conservation Area or National Volcanic Monument.
2. A destination visitor or interpretive center that provides a broad range of interpretive services, programs, and media.
3.  A developed day-use area that provides significant opportunities for outdoor recreation, has substantial Federal investments, where fees can be efficiently collected, and contain all of the following 6 amenities:
  1. Designated developed parking;
  2. Permanent toilet facility;
  3. Permanent trash receptacle;
  4. Interpretive sign, exhibit, or kiosk;
  5. Picnic tables; and
  6. Security services.
Prohibitions: The BLM will not charge a standard amenity fee for 1) persons under 16 years of age; 2) outings conducted for noncommercial educational purposes by schools or bona fide academic institutions; and 3) any person engaged in a non-recreational activity authorized under a valid permit issued under any other Act, including a valid grazing permit.