Free Sites & Services on BLM Public Lands

This fee category reflects the broad societal benefits of providing general taxpayer-supported recreational opportunities and the principle that a portion of all BLM public lands should be available free of charge to all members of the public.

The BLM does not charge recreation fees for the following:
  1. General access to BLM public lands.
  2. Drive-through, walk or hike-through, horseback ride-through, or float-through only, without using the facilities and services unless specifically authorized. This excludes Special Areas, designated through the land use planning process, where SRPs are issued to authorize special uses of the public lands (for example, outfitting or guiding permits, and individual use of Special Areas).
  3. Parking that does not immediately support and/or adjoin a fee site or area, undesignated parking or picnicking along roadsides.
  4. Overlooks, scenic pullouts, or interpretive waysides.
  5. Dispersed areas where the BLM makes little or no expenditures to provide facilities or services.
  6. Information offices and small centers that provide general area information, regulations, orientation, and limited services and/or interpretive exhibits. This does not include BLM’s larger Interpretive or Visitor Centers.
  7. Camping at undeveloped sites that do not provide REA’s minimum number of facilities and services.
  8. Access by any person who is authorized to have access for hunting or fishing privileges under a specific provision of law or treaty.
  9. Special attention or extra services necessary provided to meet the individual needs of the persons with disabilities.