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Recreation & Visitor Services Advisory Team (RVSAT)

The Recreation and Visitor Services Advisory Team (RVSAT) provides advice to BLM management (Executive Leadership Team) regarding recreation and visitor services priorities, policies, programs, and budget. RVSAT is chartered under the BLM’s Washington Office Assistant Director for Renewable Resources and Planning (WO 200). The advisory group is comprised of the 12 BLM State Office Recreation Leads; BLM’s Division of Recreation and Visitor Services Chief; and one representative each from BLM’s Engineering Advisory Team, and BLM’s National Landscape Conservation System. Participation and support from other BLM managers and staff is requested by RVSAT periodically to address issues, communicate ideas and otherwise assist with team-related functions.
RVSAT has the following principle charges:
  • Recommend means for improving the BLM's recreation and visitor services programs and activities.
  • Provide advice to BLM management by serving as the focal point for identification of recreation- and visitor services-related issues and coordination of recommendations for management consideration; and
  • Report annual recreation program accomplishments to BLM management, staff, and constituents. 
RVSAT makes recommendations on:
  • Specific assignments for action prioritization, coordination, and implementation;
  • Benchmark target dates for action initiation and/or completion;
  • Resources, including funding; and 
  • Program monitoring, evaluation, and adjustment.