updated September 5, 2007

See Final Rule
 43 CFR Parts 3000, 3150, 3200, 3500, 3730, 3740, 3810, and 3830--Minerals Management:  Adjustment of Cost Recovery, 9/5/07, Federal Register (72 FR 50882-50889)

BLM Final Regulation Topics

  Address Changes for BLM Offices 


Application Procedures


Conveyances, Disclaimers and Correction Documents


Forest Management

Forest Product Sales

43 CFR Part 5420--Preparation for Sale, 5/26/06, 71 FR 30291-30294

Geothermal Resources Leasing Operations

Grazing Administration

Helium Contracts

Land Resource Management

Land Use Planning 

Leases, Permits, and Easements 

Mineral Lands Non-Mineral Entries

Mineral Resources Information--Availability

Minerals Management


Disposal; Sales; Free Use

Geothermal Resources Leasing and Operations

Helium Contracts

Leasing of Solid Minerals Other Than Coal and Oil Shale

Locating, Recording and Maintaining Mining Claims or Sites

Multiple Use Mining

Oil and Gas Cooperative Agreements and Contracts

Onshore Oil and Gas Leasing and Operations

Surface Management of Mining Claims (Subpart 3809)

Use and Occupancy Under the Mining Laws

Payments in Lieu of Taxes

Range Management

Recreation Management


State Irrigation Districts

Visual Resource

Wild Horse and Burro (including Adoptions)

Wilderness Management


BLM Correcting Amendments

BLM Regulations Removed From the Code of Federal Regulations