August 17, 2010
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9011, 9012, 9014, 9015 (220) P
Instruction Memorandum No. 2010-189
Expires: 09/30/2011                                                                                                                          
To:                   All Field Officials
From:               Assistant Director, Renewable Resources and Planning
Subject:           Invasive Species Infestation Areas Data Standard
Program Area: Invasive species, invasive and noxious weed management.
Purpose: The purpose of this Instruction Memorandum (IM) is to transmit the Bureau of Land Management’s data standard for recording Invasive Species Infestation Areas.
Policy/Action: The data standards for collecting, storing, and managing the information used to describe weeds and Invasive Species Infestation Areas on public lands in the National Invasive Species Information Management System (NISIMS) database are found in Attachment 1. All field offices must use these standards when amending or maintaining electronic data about Invasive Species Infestation Areas. 
This Invasive Species Infestation Areas Data Standard incorporates the appropriate North American Weed Management Association (NAWMA) data standards, and is in agreement with IM 2010-080, the National Invasive Species Management System Project.
Time Frame: The Invasive Infestation Areas Data Standard will be effective immediately. 
Budget Impact: None.

Background:  Since 2005, an Invasive Species Database users group has been developing an information management system that addresses the data standards for the collection, storage, display, and dissemination of invasive species management data. In FY 2009, a proof of concept was developed for data field collection and report generation based upon testing completed in four states.  The Invasive Species Database Team, a users group created specifically to address the data needs for invasive species, then created data standards in coordination with subject-matter experts, technical representatives, the WO data steward and program leads, BLM State Weed Coordinators, and field office staff.  These data standards comply with the NAWMA standards.

NISIMS is scheduled to be deployed nationally this fiscal year.  Per IM 2010-080, National Invasive Species Management System Project, the information has already been submitted, formatted, and input to NISIMS.  (April 3, 2010 was the due date.) 

Manual/Handbook Sections Affected: 9015 Integrated Weed Management.
Coordination: This IM was coordinated with business representatives from the WO-220 division, Weeds Database Project Manager, National Weed Team, State Weed Coordinators, BLM Business Data Stewards, State Data Administrators, State GIS Leads, and NOC Division of Resource Services Data Standards Team.
Contacts: Questions regarding this IM should be directed to Kathie Jewell, Geospatial Information System Manager, Montana State Office at (406) 896-5144 or Gina Ramos, Senior Weed Specialist, Rangelands Resources Division (WO-220) at (202) 912-7226.
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Bud C. Cribley                                                  Robert M. Williams
Deputy Assistant Director                                Division of IRM Governance,WO-560
Renewable Resources and Planning
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