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September 30, 2009
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2800/3100 (310) P
Instruction Memorandum No. 2009-224
Expires: 09/30/2010
To:                   All Field Officials
From:               Assistant Director, Minerals and Realty Management
Subject:           Use and Application of the Fluid Minerals Surface and Environmental Monitoring
Program Element - MW
Program Areas:  Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Operations.
Purpose: The purpose of this Instruction Memorandum (IM) is to ensure adequate monitoring of oil, gas, and geothermal development in compliance with the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) regulations at 40 CFR 1505.2 (c) and to provide clarification and additional guidance in determining how to program, conduct, and account for accomplishments under the Fluid Minerals Surface and Environmental Monitoring Program Element (MW). 
Policy/Action:  Field offices with oil, gas, and geothermal programs will conduct monitoring in conformance with CEQ regulations, and where appropriate, will assess environmental impacts from development, determine whether the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) standards are being met, and evaluate whether permit requirements are effective in achieving their desired intent. All monitoring activities funded by the oil, gas, and geothermal programs will be tracked and reported in accordance with this policy.
Detailed policy guidance on the use and application of program element MW is provided in Attachment 1.  This guidance supplements the guidance provided on the BLM’s Cost Management website for program element MW.  Please circulate this guidance to appropriate staff, including other resource program staff funded by the oil and gas or geothermal programs conducting monitoring in support of the oil and gas or geothermal programs.

The Automated Fluid Minerals Support System (AFMSS) cannot, at this time, be used to track program element MW. Therefore, each office must develop an independent method to track MW program element accomplishments by using the attached table (Attachment 2) or a similar mechanism. A copy of this table in EXCEL format was developed by the Wyoming State Office and can be downloaded at http://web.wy.blm.gov/921/surfaceprotection/. Completed units of accomplishment for MW must be entered into the Performance Management Data System of the Management Information System (PMDS/MIS).

Timeframe: Implement immediately.

Budget Impact: None. 

Background: The Council on Environmental Quality requirements for an Environmental Impact Statement/Record of Decision (EIS/ROD) state, “A monitoring and enforcement program shall be adopted and summarized where applicable for any mitigation” (40 CFR 1505.2 (c)). While required for an EIS/ROD, monitoring is appropriate for nearly any development action.   In Fiscal Year 2008, the Program Element “MW” was created to track activities associated with monitoring impacts from fluid mineral development. Since then, several field offices have raised questions about the forecasting, application, and tracking of MW program element accomplishments. 

Manual/Handbook Sections Affected: None.

Coordination:  Preparation of this IM was coordinated with the Wyoming State Office and the Washington Office Division of Fluid Minerals.


Contact: If there are any questions concerning this IM, please contact me, or your staff may contact Jim Perry, Senior Natural Resource Specialist, Washington Office Division of Fluid Minerals (WO-310), at 202-912-7145 or jim_perry@blm.gov.

Signed by:                                                                   Authenticated by:
Michael Nedd                                                               Robert M. Williams
Assistant Director                                                        Division of IRM Governance,WO-560
Minerals and Realty Management
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