June 26, 2008
In Reply Refer To:
1330, 1703, 3720 (280) P
Instruction Memorandum No. 2008-143
Expires: 09/30/2009
To:                   All Field Officials
From:               Assistant Director, Renewable Resources and Planning
Subject:           Abandoned Mine and Site Cleanup Module Database Update
DD:  09/02/2008; 09/15/2008
Program Area: Abandoned Mine Lands (AML) and Hazard Management and Resource Restoration (Hazmat)
Purpose: This Memorandum (IM) establishes policy and responsibilities for updating of the Abandoned Mine-Site Cleanup Module (AMSCM) database. This IM also specifies the types of sites to be included and specifies mandatory accountability for cuff records in either electronic format or hardcopy records.
Policy/Action: It is the policy of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to maintain an inventory of data about each AML and Hazmat site in a central repository. This repository is the AMSCM database. The types of sites to be included are those that fall under the purview of the AML and Hazmat programs. Please refer to the following manuals and handbooks for specifications of sites to include and exclude: Abandoned Mine Lands Program Policy Manual (MS 3270) and Handbook (H-3720-1); Hazard Management and Resource Restoration Manual (MS 1703); and CERCLA Response Actions Handbook (H-1703-1).
All field offices are responsible for entering all cuff records into the AMSCM database or providing the records to their State Office Program Lead (SOPL). Field Offices are required to verify cuff records prior to providing the records to the SOPL. SOPLs may request the service of the National Operations Center (NOC) to upload electronic cuff records or to provide data entry for hard copy records into the AMSCM database.
Timeframe: Field Offices must provide cuff records to SOPLs by September 2, 2008. The SOPLs must contact Georgette Fogle by September 15, 2008, via email to provide an estimate of their cuff records that they need entered into the AMSCM database by the contractor in order to provide the NOC with an estimate for the task order.  SOPLs need to directly request the assistance for entering the cuff records via contract from the NOC.
Budget Impacts: None.
Background: The BLM has an extensive history of conducting inventories and field assessments on AML and Hazmat sites. The AMSCM database serves as the BLM’s national system for inventory data about AML and Hazmat. 
The AMSCM is both a database and information application whose principal purpose is to support BLM’s ALM and Hazmat Site cleanups, and the Department’s Environmental and Disposal Liability program.
Manual/Handbook Sections Affected: None
Coordination: A team of program coordinators from all levels of Bureau developed the AMSCM database and data requirements.
Contacts:  Contact Georgette A. Fogle, PCMB Co-Chair at (202) 452-5123 or Kris Doebbler, AMSCM User Representative and Data Steward, NOC, at (303) 236-3350.
Signed by:                                                        Authenticated by:
Edwin L. Roberson                                           Robert M. Williams
Assistant Director                                            Division of IRM Governance,WO-560
Renewable Resources and Planning