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August 9, 2006
In Reply Refer To:
6100 (170) P
Instruction Memorandum No. 2006-210
Expires: 9/30/2007
To:                   State Directors and Assistant Directors
From:               Director, National Landscape Conservation System                 
Subject:           Best Management Practices to be Implemented in FY 2006
Program Area: Units in the National Landscape Conservation System (NLCS).
Purpose:  To issue policy requiring State Directors to implement two Best Management Practices (BMPs) within NLCS units in Fiscal Year 2006.  
Policy/Action: The first BMP is to install American flag decals on all appropriate unit signs. The second is to have National Conservation Area, National Monument, and other congressionally designated landscape managers fill out an Annual Manager’s Update for their unit at the end of this fiscal year. 
Time Frame: The American flag decals should be added to signs over the course of this field season and incorporated into sign maintenance kits for future use. The Annual Manager’s Update should be completed by the unit manager and sent to both the State Office NLCS lead and the Division Chief of NCA/NMs by September 1.  These BMPs will be on-going efforts and should be incorporated into the field offices’ routine work.
Background: The National Landscape Conservation System has been in place for 5 years. During this time the Bureau has been focusing on getting individual units established through implementation of interim guidance; completion of Resource Management Plans and Implementation Priorities; development of maps, brochures, and other visitor services; initiation of a science program; and, establishment of long term place-based partnerships. Individually, NLCS units have been very successful at these efforts. Through cooperative conservation we have strengthened connections with local communities. 

It is time to turn our attention to the system as a whole and start promoting America’s newest National Conservation System on a nationwide basis. The Washington NLCS management team is enhancing efforts to develop the Bureau’s message about the system and to focus our attention each year on things we can do to promote BLM’s new system.
The Washington Office has purchased flag decals to send to each State’s NLCS coordinators, sign coordinators, and to NCA/NM managers for placement on all entry portal signs. Employees and partners may then maintain the signs and install the American flag decals with as little impact on our workloads as possible.
The Washington Office has also been developing an Annual Manager’s Update format for over a year. It is now time to get it out so we can start communicating all of the great things happening each year within NLCS. This update will take less than four (4) hours for each manager to complete annually. The WO will summarize this information nationally and share it with you, the headquarters office, our national partners, and will use it in the development of future budgets. 

Budget Impact: This IM will have no impact on the allocation of resources and will have only a minimal impact on field and state offices. We envision that this work will take each office less than a day.
Manual/Handbook Sections Affected:  N/A
Coordination: The Annual Manager’s Update has been coordinated with most NCA/NMs and throughout the Washington Office.
Contact: If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, you may contact Elena Daly, Director, National Landscape Conservation System or Dave Hunsaker, Deputy Director NLCS, at (202) 208-3516.
Signed by:                                                       
Authenticated by:
Dave Hunsaker                                                
Robert M. Williams
Acting, Director                                               
Division of IRM Governance
National Landscape Conservation System
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     2 – Flag Decals (will be sent under separate cover)

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