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October 20, 2005
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Instruction Memorandum No. 2006-022
Expires: 09/30/2007
To:              State Directors
                   Attn: All Associate State Directors
                            All State Recreation Leads
                            All State Monument Managers
                            All State Partnership Coordinators
                            All State NLCS Program Leads
From:           Assistant Director, Renewable Resources and Planning

Subject:       Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) Participation in Partners Outdoors 2006 DD: 11/15/2005

Program Area: Partnerships

Purpose:  Partners Outdoors 2006 is scheduled for January 8 - 11, 2006, at the National Training Center in Phoenix, Arizona.  In addition to the BLM Director and/or Deputy Director and the BLM National Recreation and Visitor Services Group and National Landscape System representatives, each State Office may select one individual to join in the BLM representation at this important partnership forum.

Background:  Annually since 1992, the Chairman of the Recreation Roundtable has invited the heads of the National Park Service, the USDA Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to co-sponsor a "Partners Outdoors Meeting" which convene a select group of proven managers from the public and private sectors of the recreation, travel, and tourism industries, with an interest in satisfying the outdoor recreation needs of the American public. The purpose of Partners Outdoors is for the public and private sectors to strengthen existing partnerships and develop new partnership opportunities, identify mutual goals and objectives to enhance the recreation experience of the American public and international visitors, and craft action items and initiatives to address these challenges.

The theme for Partners Outdoors 2006 is "Making the Toolbox for the Great Outdoors a Gold Mine for Enhancing Recreation Opportunities on Public Lands." Central objectives of Partners Outdoors are to (1) create a shared understanding of societal benefits available through recreational use of America’s public lands and waters among public and private sector leaders in the recreation field and (2) establish on-going communications and cooperation which maximize the availability of these benefits.
In addition, each Partners Outdoors seeks to (1) produce a report and recommendations for presentation to federal policymakers and recreation industry CEOs and (2) initiate one or more specific pilot, partnership-based efforts linked to the theme of the specific Partners Outdoors. The 2006 session will produce a second edition of the highly praised Toolbox for the Great Outdoors and will seek to insure that the assembled knowledge will be more effectively shared. It is anticipated that the Toolbox will be available in multiple forms – DVD or CD; via the Internet; and as the topic of presentations at professional training sessions hosted by NPS, FS, BLM, FWS and others. 
Participants in Partners Outdoors 2006 will assist in the development of the second edition of The Toolbox for the Great Outdoors – but that is just one part of a much more ambitious effort to stimulate creative and partnership-based efforts to enhance recreation on public lands. Partners Outdoors participants will be selected for the 2006 program with a different emphasis: some will be invited because of leadership in the successful use of tools thought to be underutilized nationwide, or which could be evolved into greater national significance. Others will be invited because of roles involving federal personnel training and technical support. Others will be invited because of responsibilities for crafting agreements between federal agencies and other entities – public and private.
Policy/Action: The BLM has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the American Recreation Coalition (ARC) and the Recreation Roundtable. The ARC is a Washington, D.C. based, non-profit organization formed in 1979. The ARC catalyzes public/private partnerships to enhance and protect America's outdoor recreation opportunities and the resources upon which such experiences are based. The Recreation Roundtable is comprised of 25 of the recreation industry's top executives and has a broad goal of improving recreation opportunities in America. The BLM co-sponsors the annual Partners Outdoors Meeting, in partnership with ARC, the Recreation Roundtable, the National Park Service, the USDA Forest Service, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Bureau of Reclamation, and the Federal Highway Administration.

Time Frame: Each State is requested to submit the name, address, phone number, fax number, E-mail address, photo, and one-page biography of its nominee for Partners Outdoors 2006 by November 15, 2005. This information should be sent to Hal Hallett, National Recreation Group, Bureau of Land Management, 1849 C Street, N.W., MS 302 LS, Washington, D.C. 20240; telephone: (202) 452-7794; fax: (202)452-7709; E-mail: hal_hallett@blm.gov.

Budget Impact:  The impact to the BLM budget is conference fees and travel expenditures. The National Recreation and Visitor Services Group will cover the conference tuition costs only. The tuition cost is $400 which includes all materials and meals offered in conjunction with the Partners Outdoors 2006 conference.

Overnight accommodations will be at The Four Points by Sheraton Phoenix Metrocenter in Phoenix, AZ. Initial hotel reservations for each participant will be made by the Recreation Roundtable; however, once these reservations are made each participant must call and confirm the reservation with a credit card to finalize the reservation.

Normal dress will be "business casual," but recreational attire will also be appropriate at most sessions. Temperatures in mid-January normally range between a low of 41 to a high of 66 degrees F.

The Four Points by Sheraton Phoenix Metrocenter is a twenty-minute drive (15 miles) from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. The airport is served by most major carriers. Information on shuttle service will be provided.

Manual/Handbook Sections Affected: Not Applicable.

Coordination: This Instruction Memorandum was coordinated with the American Recreation Coalition, the Recreation Roundtable, the Assistant Director for Renewable Resources and Planning, and the Director, National Landscape Conservation System Office.
Contact: If you have any questions or concerns regarding this IM, please contact Hal Hallett at (202) 452-7794. The Conference has limited space for exhibits and other educational material relating to partnership activities between Federal agencies and private partners. If a State would like to exhibit an exciting partnership project, please provide a description and other information to Hal Hallett. Additionally, please send your State's nominee and requisite information to Hal at BLM, 1849 C Street, N.W., MS 302 LS, Washington, D.C. 20240, or by E-Mail: Hal_Hallett@blm.gov.
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Barbara J. Hill                                                       
Robert M. Williams
Acting, Deputy Assistant Director                          
Policy and Records Group,WO-560
Renewable Resources and Planning
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