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October 21, 2005
In Reply Refer To:
1165 (BC-652) P
Instruction Memorandum No. 2006-021
Expires:  09/30/2007
To:              All Washington Office and Field Office Officials
Attn:           Public Land Statistics Section Leads and Table Leads
From:          Assistant Director, Business and Fiscal Resources
Subject:      Public Land Statistics (PLS) Fiscal Year (FY) 2005 Data Call DD: 11/04/2005
Program Area: All
Purpose: This Instruction Memorandum (IM) provides instructions to States, PLS Section Leads, and PLS Table Leads for submitting FY 2005 tables and text for the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) PLS publication. Responsibilities, due dates, format requirements, and other key concerns are highlighted.
Policy/Action:  Attachment 1 lists all of the PLS Tables, along with the names and phone numbers of each Section Lead and Table Lead.
PLS Publication Section Leads must:
·                      Ensure that Table Leads are assigned to each table within their section.
·                      Review and update the narrative for their assigned section.
·                      Coordinate the submittal of all tables within their section.
·                      Review completed tables for accuracy and format consistency.
·                      Ensure all tables are submitted on time to the PLS Coordinator.
PLS Publication Table Leads must:
·                      Gather and verify data.
·                      Organize data in a finished Microsoft Word table format.
·                      Ensure tables are accurate and consistent with previous submittals.
·                      Explain significant data changes in footnotes. Typical reasons for data changes include
new data inventories, new accounting or computer systems, or errors in previously reported data.
·                      Coordinate significant revisions, new graphics, or new tables through the Section Lead and PLS Coordinator.
·                      Keep their Section Lead informed of their progress.
·                      Submit completed table(s) to their Section Lead for approval, if required, or directly to the PLS Coordinator.
Format Requirements for PLS Narratives and Tables
The PLS narratives and tables must be provided in a Microsoft Word table format. The font must be “Times New Roman” and the font size must be “11.” The table identifier (generally row 1) and column headers must be boldface (bold text). The column headings and recurring footnotes have evolved over the years and should not be changed or omitted without a compelling reason. However, if you wish to significantly change your table or add a new table or graphic, please coordinate the change or addition with both your Section Lead and the PLS Coordinator.
Please use the baseline file(s) we sent to you as the starting point for your efforts. These baseline files often contain numerous small edits that are not readily obvious, but that do contribute to the overall format consistency of the PLS. These edits will be lost if you use your own previous year’s files as a starting point.
Specific Responsibilities:
The WO-172, WO-200, WO-250, WO-300, WO-350, and WO-360 must ensure that Section Leads and subsequently Table Leads are assigned to the following appropriate sections/parts of the PLS publication:
·                      Part 1, Land Resources and Information - WO-350
·                      Part 2, Healthy Productive Lands - WO-200
·                      Part 3, Commercial Uses and Revenues Generated - WO-300
·                      Part 4, Recreation and Leisure Activities – WO-250
·                      Part 5, Preserve Natural and Cultural Heritage - WO-170
·                      Part 6, Public Health, Safety, and Resource Protection - WO-360
Timeframe: All tables, other than the tables in Attachment 2, must be submitted to the PLS Coordinator by November 4, 2005.  (The tables in Attachment 2 have been submitted.) Requests for extensions on these tables will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 
Budget Impact: Budget impacts will be minimal. The printing cost, charged to WO-800, is estimated to be $5,000.
Background: The PLS Coordinator issues a data call each year to Section and Table Leads (those directly responsible for the collection and tabulation of data/information within their specialty). This data call includes guidelines to be used for the submission of PLS tables. The Coordinator receives all tables and prepares them for hard-copy printing, as well as conversion to an electronic format for Internet posting. Additionally, the PLS Coordinator coordinates distribution of the publication. 
Although the data is used in three reports, we are issuing a single call for PLS data, which avoids an additional data call from Finance for BLM’s CFO Annual Report and Stewardship Assets Report. This single call for data will provide a data "snapshot" from the BLM data bases to ensure consistency between the three reports. Narratives and additional data that may appear in the CFO Annual Report and the Stewardship Assets Report will continue to be provided through normal channels (i.e., CFO Annual Report and Stewardship Assets Report narrative writers), not through the PLS Coordinator.
Manual/Handbook Sections Affected: None
Coordination: This IM was coordinated with the National Business Center’s support programs and finance personnel.
Contact: Please address questions or concerns to Bonnie Pomarico, PLS Coordinator, at (303) 236-9428.
Signed by:                                                  
Authenticated by:
Michael A. Ferguson                                             
Robert M. Williams
Acting, Assistant Director                                      
Policy and Records Group,WO-560
Business and Fiscal Resources
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