September 30, 2005
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                                                                                       1112 (WO -740) P 
Instruction Memorandum No. 2006-003
Expires: 09/30/2007
To:              All WO and FO Officials
From:          Chief Human Capital Management Project Director
Subject:      Integrating Safety into Human Resource Processes - Employee Performance Appraisal Plans (EPAP) and Annual  Supervisory Training
The purpose of this memo is to establish policy for integrating safety and health program components into human resource processes. Those changes are:
1. Safety in EPAPs of Managers, Supervisors, and Employees.
Managing the safety and health of Bureau of Land Management employees and visitors is not only a regulatory requirement, but a sound business practice. The focus of the BLM Safety and Occupational Health Program is prevention, intended to protect our employees and reduce workers’ compensation costs, property damage, and tort claims. 
The prevention of accidents and injuries rests largely with managers and supervisors responsible for implementing Bureau safety policies and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards at all levels of the organization. For that reason beginning in FY2006, standard safety language will be included in EPAPs for managers and supervisors. Since employees also have a vital role in preventing accidents, standard safety language will also be included in employees’ EPAPs. Below is the language described at the fully successful performance standard. 
Managers/Supervisors – Fully Successful Standard
Prevents accidents, injuries, and property damage using sound safety principles including risk management and implementation of BLM safety policies and OSHA standards. Corrects safety/health deficiencies in order to protect employees and visitors.
Employees – Fully Successful Standard
Prevents accidents, injuries, and property damage by following BLM safety policies and OSHA standards. Utilizes safe work practices and personal protective equipment, and reports unsafe conditions.
2. Credit for Supervisory Safety Training.
Beginning in FY2006, supervisors who complete supervisory safety training may credit that training toward fulfillment of the mandatory annual 16-hour supervisory training. Specifically, Risk Management training and Safety for Supervisors meet that criteria.
In FY 2006, supervisory safety responsibilities will be integrated into the National Training Center (NTC) 40-hour supervisory training. Additionally, supervisors utilizing the NTC website to generate Individual Development Plans (IDPs) will be encouraged to include a safety-related element in the IDP. Risk Management and Safety for Supervisors training should be considered basic supervisory courses for that purpose.
Questions or concerns related to this policy should be addressed to Sandy Guches, Bureau Safety Manager, at 202-501-2664.
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Marilyn H. Johnson
Barbara J. Brown
Chief Human Capital Management Project Director
Policy & Records Group, WO-560