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April 04, 2013
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9601 (350) P
Information Bulletin No. 2013-057
To:                   All WO and Field Officials
                        Attn: Lands, Realty and Cadastral Survey Leads and all Field/District Office Managers
From:               Assistant Director, Minerals and Realty Management
Subject:           Request for Review and Comment on Draft Specifications for Descriptions of Land: For Use in Land Orders, Executive Orders, Proclamations, Federal Register Documents, and Land Description Databases      
DD: 05/10/2013
This Information Bulletin (IB) transmits a draft version update of the Department of the Interior publication, Specifications for Descriptions of Land: For Use in Land Orders, Executive Orders, Proclamations, Federal Register Documents, and Land Description Data Bases (Attachment 1), for your review and comments. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is seeking a broad, user review of the draft to help ensure that the BLM meets user and agency concerns prior to finalizing the document.
Since publication of the most recent revision of the Specifications in 1979, certain procedures have been rendered inapplicable due to reorganization and transfer of functions of various Federal Agencies. There are also new survey and digital applications and methods mandating this revision. Experience in the use of the Specifications and improvements to survey and digital data collection during the near 30-year period, which has elapsed since the previous revision, has indicated the need for additional and updated explanatory text and examples. After this user review, a review by National Operations Center technical editing staff will address grammar, wording, design, figures, and layout.
The draft Specifications is being provided to you and your organization for review and comment. Please use track changes editing to submit all comments.
Comments are due to the Bob Dahl, Cadastral Surveyor, Washington Office, (bdahl@blm.gov; 202-912-7344) May 10, 2013. If you have any questions concerning the content of this IB, please contact Mike Nedd at 202-208-4201, or your staff may contact Don Buhler, Branch Chief, Branch of Lands, Realty and Cadastral Survey, at 202-912-7353 for further guidance and direction.
Signed by:                                                                   Authenticated by:
Michael Nedd                                                               Ambyr Fowler
Assistant Director                                                        Division of IRM Governance, WO-560
Minerals and Realty Management

Last updated: 04-18-2013