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United States Department of the Interior
Washington, D.C. 20240
May 1, 2013
In Reply Refer To:
1114 (420) P  
Information Bulletin No. 2013-066
To:                   All WO and Field Officials
From:               Assistant Director, National Landscape Conservation System and
                        Community Partnerships  

Subject:           New Members of the BLM Volunteer Program Adjunct Team (VPAT)

We are pleased to announce that six new members have been chosen to serve with the reconfigured Volunteer Program Adjunct Team (VPAT).  The VPAT serves to raise the profile of the excellent work done across the Bureau by more than 30,000 volunteers annually, as well as to provide the necessary information and tools to all BLM staff who work to support volunteer programming.  Interested persons were asked to submit letters of interest, along with letters of support from his or her supervisor.  The new membership is as follows:

Krista Berumen- Public Affairs Specialist/State Volunteer Lead; Idaho State Office
Doug Blankinship- Eastern States Volunteer and Partnership Coordinator; Eastern States Office
Paul Fuselier- Outdoor Recreation Planner; Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument (UT)
William L. Kuntz- Supervisory Outdoor Recreation Planner; Redding Field Office (CA)
Robert A. Leaver- Outdoor Recreation Planner; Monticello Field Office (UT)
Jay Thompson- Fisheries Biologist/Riparian Coordinator; Colorado State Office 

The team is coordinated by Linda Schnee- National Volunteer Program Lead; Washington Office.

We would also like to extend our sincere thanks to the outgoing members of the VPAT, who have all served full terms with the team.  We are grateful to them for the service and know they will continue to support the volunteer program with the BLM in the years to come.  Our gratitude is extended to those outgoing members:

Lori Cook- Public Affairs Specialist; Yuma Field Office

Jim Cribbs- Interagency Volunteer Coordinator; Las Vegas Field Office
Chris Pipkin- Outdoor Recreation Planner; Grand Junction Field Office
Lesly Smith- State Program Lead- Recreation, Travel & Transportation Management, WSRs, Youth & Volunteers; Wyoming State Office.
Signed by:                                                       Authenticated by:
Carl Rountree                                                  Robert M. Williams
Assistant Director, National Landscape              Division of IRM Governance,WO-560
Conservation System and Community

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