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October 18, 2011
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Information Bulletin No. 2012-004
To:                   AFOs
                        Attn: Volunteer Coordinators
From:               Assistant Director, National Landscape Conservation System and Community
Subject:            Bureau of Land Management Basic Volunteer Administration Training Call
                         for Delivery Requests (Course1100-02) for Fiscal Year 2012
                                                                                                                        DD: 10/28/2011

The Division of Education, Interpretation, and Partnerships is soliciting nominations for site locations for Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Basic Volunteer Administration training that will be offered in Fiscal Year 2012.

This 12-hour training course provides the basic knowledge, skills, and tools needed to administer a successful volunteer program at the BLM State and Field Office levels.  Attendees learn how to execute forms and prepare documentation, apply rules and regulations, market the program and recruit volunteers, report program achievements and maintain records, and implement the six fundamentals of volunteer management (writing job descriptions, recruiting, selecting, training, motivating, and evaluating).

This highly effective course will be taught by seasoned volunteer coordinators from throughout the BLM.  We strongly encourage volunteer coordinators, resource specialists, and field managers who are interested in working with volunteers to attend this excellent “nuts and bolts” course on volunteer administration.  No registration fees are charged, but each participant’s home office will be responsible for travel costs to the training location.  

Please note that the BLM Volunteer Program National Strategy 2004 (Goal 3, Objective 1, Action 1) requires that all BLM volunteer coordinators attend the Basic Volunteer Administration course within six months of beginning volunteer coordinator duties. A minimum of 12 BLM employees is required for the course to be held at any given site.  After that level of participation has been reached, other Federal and State agency employees, as well as BLM volunteers, may be invited to participate.  Maximum class size is 18.
Please coordinate your response through your State Volunteer Coordinator. Contact Shelly Fischman (202-912-7453; Shelly_Fischman@blm.gov) by October 28, 2011, if you are interested in hosting a course in your State.  Please advise him of at least two dates that would be convenient for your staff, the number of attendees you expect, and how many of those attendees have never had this training before.  Shelly will also be happy to answer any questions that you may have at that time.
Course locations will be chosen based on both need and the number of prospective attendees who have never taken the training before.  The Washington Office will make every effort to offer training to those sites that have requested it depending on the availability of Washington Office travel funds for the trainers.  Please note that, unlike previous years, courses will be offered in the fall and early winter if requested. Final course locations will be announced by Information Bulletin in late November 2011.
All sessions of the Basic Volunteer Administration Course 1100-02 will be listed online at the National Training Center’s DOI LEARN website at https://doilearn.doi.gov/.
Signed by:                                                                   Authenticated by:
Carl Rountree                                                              Robert M. Williams
Assistant Director, National Landscape                       Division of IRM Governance,WO-560
  Conservation System and Community Partnerships

Last updated: 10-27-2011