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July 14, 2010
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1114 (172) P
Information Bulletin No. 2010-092
To:                   All WO and Field Officials
From:               Director, Office of the National Landscape Conservation
                        System & Community Partnerships
Subject:           Request for Applications for the Bureau of Land Management’s
Hands on the Land Working Group                              DD: 8/27/2010

The Washington Office (WO) Division of Education, Interpretation, & Partnerships is recruiting six members to serve on the Hands on the Land (HOL) Working Group to guide the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) participation in the HOL program. HOL is an interagency program linking outdoor classrooms across America’s public and private lands.  The BLM hosts a growing number of Hands on the Land sites offering education programs developed in conjunction with local schools.  

Membership on the HOL Working Group will allow individuals to share their personal experience, leadership skills, and perspectives to help shape and promote the HOL program bureau wide. The HOL Working Group will play an important role in representing field office needs and perspectives to the WO. 

Team members will assist Washington Office staff with developing strategic direction for the BLM HOL program and promoting practices that enhance and sustain the HOL network within the Bureau.  Areas of focus will include:

  • Developing guidelines for the awarding and dispersing of funding;
  • Assessing site needs;
  • Developing orientation materials for new field classrooms;
  • Promoting the sharing of best practices through the website, mentoring programs, meetings, and other avenues;
  • Encouraging interactivity among sites through distance learning programs, comparative studies, special events, etc.;
  • Establishing standards of excellence for programs and materials;
  • Identifying tools and best practices for training and professional development;
  • Identifying measures of success and identifying appropriate assessment tools;
  • Developing a BLM recognition program and other methods to showcase outstanding HOL programs; and
  • Identifying avenues for leveraging resources through volunteers, partners, and grant opportunities.
The Working Group will first convene via a conference call in September 2010. Meetings involving all team members will be held once a year with travel costs borne by the WO.  The annual meeting, which will take place only if funds are available, represents the only costs associated with the HOL Working Group.  During the remainder of the year, team members will collaborate during monthly conference calls and informally by various communication methods. Group members will be expected to take on occasional assignments in support of the HOL Program.  Members will serve staggered terms of either two or three years in duration. Time commitments will not be excessive. 

HOL coordinators and education specialists are eligible to apply for the six positions. Applicants should have significant education experience, such as working in field classroom settings, partnering with schools or school districts, and developing educational programs that support established school curriculum and standards of learning as well as resource management objectives. Please provide interested staff with the attached application (Form A).  Applications should be submitted to Derrick Baldwin derrick_baldwin@blm.gov), in BLM’s Division of Education, Interpretation, and Partnerships, by August 27, 2010.  Please contact Derrick with any questions or requests for additional information. Applicants will be notified as soon as possible following the selection of candidates.

Signed by:                                                                   Authenticated by:
Carl Rountree                                                               Robert M. Williams
Director, National Landscape Conservation                  Division of IRM Governance,WO-560
    System and Community Partnerships
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