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Washington, D. C. 20240
April 2, 2009
In Reply Refer To:
9011, 9015 (220) P
Information Bulletin No. 2009-060
To:                               All Field Office Officials
From:                           Division Chief, Division of Rangeland Resources
Subject:                       Updating List of Approved Herbicide Formulations and Adjuvants
Program Areas:           Vegetation Management (Weed Treatments)
Background: The 9011 Manual states that “only pesticides that have been analyzed through National Environmental Policy Act documentation can be used in chemical pest control on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands.”  Attached is an updated list of herbicide formulations and adjuvants approved for use on BLM - administered lands. Twenty-two formulations, representing 12 BLM - approved active ingredients and two adjuvants have been added to the respective lists. The attached herbicide table identifies the particular active ingredients that may be used in each state. The information is based upon the Vegetation Treatments Using Herbicides on Bureau of Land Management Lands in 17 Western States Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement and Record of Decision that has been prepared along with the current injunction in place for the State of Oregon. 

Policy: The attached updated list of approved herbicide formulations and adjuvants provide information that will help individual states identify the herbicide formulations and adjuvants that can be applied on BLM - administered public lands. The manufacturer and Environmental Protection Agency registration number is provided to assist in the preparation of the Pesticide Use Proposal. In addition, information is presented identifying whether or not a particular formulation has a California registration number which is required for use of the herbicide in that state.

Regarding the adjuvants approved for use on BLM - administered lands, refer to the herbicide label and identify which type of adjuvant is required with the particular formulation, (e.g., non-ionic surfactant, crop oil concentrate, deposition agent, etc.) then refer to the attached list to identify which ones are approved and then select the one that fits the application criteria.
Continued emphasis is placed on the correct application of herbicides. Consult the applicable Environmental Impact Statement for your area when considering the use of a particular active ingredient.  

Timeframes: Effective immediately.

Coordination: This Information Bulletin has been coordinated with the Washington Office Senior Weed Specialist, National Operations Center - IPM Specialist, and State Weed and IPM coordinators.
Contact: For additional information or questions regarding formulations and adjuvants approved for use on BLM - administered lands, contact Gina Ramos, Senior Weed Specialist (WO-220) at (202) 452-5084 or Richard D. Lee, Integrated Pest Management Specialist (National Operations Center 570) at (303) 236-1734 or Richard_Lee@blm.gov

Signed by:                                                              Authenticated by:

Sally Hampton                                                        Robert M. Williams

Acting, Division Chief                                              Division of IRM Governance,WO-560

Division of Rangeland Resources

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